TDISH: A Terrible Death

In 1622, the once great Ottoman Empire was clearly in decline, though it would totter on until 320px-Osman_2the early 1900s.  The teen-aged Emperor, Osman II, had attempted an invasion of Christian Poland behind his famous Janissary armies.  The armies failed to make any progress against the enemy and Osman considered replacing the Janissaries with new recruits from the Anatolian peninsula.

The politically powerful Janissaries did not take kindly to the plan to replace them.  Members of the Sultan’s bodyguard rose up and imprisoned the young Osman.  They were ready to kill to protect their status and that of their brothers.  When the executioner entered the chamber where Osman was being held, he started to fight back.  Thinking quickly, one of the Janissaries grabbed the Sultan causing the “compression of the testicles” which led to Osman passing out from pain.  The executioner proceeded to strangle Osman with a length of cord so as not to spill the blood of royalty.  What a gut-wrenching and cringe-worthy way to go.

Image 1. “Osman II.” By, Public Domain.
Arslanbenzer, Hakan. “Osman II: Martyr or Tyrant?Daily Sabah. 15 November 2014.
Dash, Mike. “The Ottoman Empire’s Life or Death Race.Smithsonian. 22 March 2012.

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