TDISH: The First Modern Terrorist?

On February 12, 1894, a young French intellectual walked the streets of Paris looking to find a crowd – he wanted to create havoc.  Emile Henry was a dedicated anarchist who escalated the past acts of his cohorts which had been directed at authority figures.  Henry’s attack would be on the common people – the bourgeoisie.  Henry’s target was a cafe at the Gare St. Lazare, a major rail terminal in the city.  The anarchist lit the fuse of the bomb he had concealed in his coat and threw it into a crowd of diners – injuring some 20 people, killing one.  Henry was immediately apprehended by authorities.  At his trial, he declared that “no respect for human life, because the bourgeois themselves have absolutely none.”  He saw the common people as the lackeys of the ruling class and, thus, were not due any concern or consideration.  They were part of the problem.  Emile Henry met his fate, the guillotine, on May 21, 1894.

Featured Image: “Emile Henry.” Public Domain.
Was This Man the First Terrorist of the Modern Age?” BBC News. 7 October 2009.

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