Mists of History: Gorm the Old

Long ago, somewhere around 936 CE, a Viking warrior sat upon a throne in the midst of his Gorm-the-oldhomeland at the town of Jelling, Denmark.  His name was Gorm and here he has being crowned king.  He had no way of knowing it, but he has starting a line of kings and queens that would last over 1,000 years.  His kingdom still stands, though now it is governed from a capital at Copenhagen.  Gorm was king during the earliest days of Christianity’s arrival to his kingdom and raised the first of the famous Jelling stones located in central Denmark.  These stone stelae are covered in runic inscriptions that describe the arrival of Christianity to the country and the earliest days of the Danish monarchy.  He gained the sobriquet “the Old,” not due to his age, but rather because he was the first in the line of Denmark’s royal houses.

Featured Image: “Gorm’s Rune Stone.” By Jürgen Howaldt – Own work (selbst erstelltes Foto), CC BY-SA 2.0.
Figure 1: “Gorm the Old.” By dllu – Painting by August Carl Vilhelm Thomsen (1813-86), Public Domain.
History of the Danish Royal House.” The Danish Monarchy.
Jelling Mounds, Runic Stones, and Church.” UNESCO.



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