TDISH: Invading Canada

One hundred fifty years ago, on June 2, 1866, a group of Irish Americans known as the Fenians launched a raid across the Niagara River between New York State and the Canada West (now Ontario).  The group of some 1500 men crossed the river into Fort Erie with the intent of capturing Canadian settlements and ransoming them back to the British in exchange for Irish independence.  A group of Fenian skirmishers under the command of General John O’Neill met up with several companies of Canadian troops under Lt. Col. Alfred Booker at Ridgeway, a small town outside of Fort Erie.  A battle ensued that resulted in the deaths of some 30 combatants and a Fenian victory.  Overall, the Fenian Raids, which lasted for about five years, resulted in stalemate.

Featured Image: “Battle of Ridgeway.” By, Public Domain.
The Queen’s Own Rifleman of Canada: The Fenian Raid.



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