TDISH: Cripple Creek Strike

On June 6, 1894, a unique event occurred in United States history.  In the mining boom town of Cripple Creek, Colorado, miners were on strike and the governor called in the state militia in support of the strikers!  On February 7 of that year, the newly formed Free Coinage Union of gold miners went on strike against their employers protesting unfair wages and hours.  The mine owners banded together and hired ex-police officers and ex-firefighters to form a sort of private army to force the miners back to work.  As the conflict escalated, progressive Colorado governor, Davis H. Waite, found that the mine owners had gone too far in hiring the “private army” and called up the state militia to preserve the peace and to protect the strikers.  With the this action by the governor, mine owners were forced to give into the strikers’ demands.

Featured Image: “Cripple Creek Under Martial Law.” By Rastall, Benjamin McKie. University of Wisconsin. –, PD-US.
The Cripple Creek Miners’ Strike of 1894.”
The Battle of Cripple Creek.” ALF-CIO.

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