Tied To Today: Controversial U.S. Elections

Donald Trump isn’t the first controversial and divisive candidate in United States history to run for president – far from it.  Looking back across history, figures such as Andrew Jackson and George McGovern loom large.  You can almost hear the anti-Jacksonian party, the Whigs, moaning when he won – “I guess I have to move to, umm…British Canada? No we just fought a war against them…umm…umm…”  One of the most divisive figures ever to run for president was former Alabama governor George Wallace whose 1968 campaign was based on white, blue collar fears about being replaced by black workers.  Take a listen to one of my favorite history podcasts, “Slate’s Whistlestop” hosted by John Dickerson on this amazing and completely Trump-esque campaign.

Featured Image: “George Wallace.” By User:Tilden76 – File:George C Wallace (Alabama Governor).png, Public Domain.

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