TDISH: A Cannibalistic Emperor?

On June 12, 1987, Jean-Bédel Bokassa was sentenced to death by his homeland, the Central African Republic.  Bokassa had ruled as President of the CAR from 1966 through 1976 when he declared himself Emperor.  Bokassa was overthrown by French special forces in 1979 when they intervened in their former colony amidst reports of murder, embezzlement, and cannibalism.  Bokassa was eventually pardoned for his crimes by a later president of the CAR in an gesture of national healing.  He lived out his life with his (about) 17 wives and 50 children.

Featured Image. “Jean-Bédel Bokassa.” By Bokassa_with_Ceausescu.jpg: unknown, image comes from the National ArchivesDiaz_Ordaz_Nixon_San_Diego_Naval_Air_Station.jpg: White House photo by Knudsen, Robert L. (Robert LeRoy), 1929-1989, Photographer.derivative work: Makakaaaa (talk) – Bokassa_with_Ceausescu.jpgDiaz_Ordaz_Nixon_San_Diego_Naval_Air_Station.jpg, CC BY-SA 3.0.
French, Howard. “Jean-Bedel Bokassa, Self-Crowned Emperor Of the Central African Republic, Dies at 75.” New York Times. 5 November 1996.

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