TDISH: “You’re Gonna Need a Bigger Boat.”

One hundred years ago today, 25-year old beach goer Charles Vansant bled to death in a hotel along the New Jersey Shore.  It was later realized that he had been attacked by a shark – a fish that would kill three more people over the next two weeks in a series of attacks that shocked the world and threatened to derail the booming beach tourism industry.  These attacks have stayed with us in popular culture for the last century – triggering the classic movie “Jaws” and leading to that crazy, pseudo-scientific event that is the annual Shark Week.  For more information, check out Stuff You Missed In History Class’ episode on the attacks.

McCall, Matt. “2 Weeks, 4 Deaths, and the Beginning of America’s Fear of Sharks.” National Geographic. 2 July 2015.
Featured Image. “Headlines.” By Staff of the Philadelphia Inquirer. – The Philadelphia Inquirer newspaper, 1919, Public Domain.

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