TDISH: A Nice Story, for Once!

On this date, in 1913, veterans of the American Civil War met on the grounds of what had been the bloodiest battle in American history – Gettysburg.  Fifty years before, Confederate Grays had undertaken the heroic, yet doomed offensive known as Pickett’s Charge against entrenched Union Blues which resulted in thousands of men killed, wounded, and captured.  In 1913, however, there was a very different spirit.  Confederate Veterans once again donned their Grays and made their way across the vast open field.  This time they were not greeted by Blue bullets, but rather by Union Veterans with open arms.  The Veterans from the two sides shook hands across the wall that had been the cause of so much death in a great scene of forgiveness and reconciliation.

Source: “Veteran’s Joyful Over Camp’s End.” The Day. New London, CT. 3 July 1913.
Featured Image: “Gettysburg Reunion of 1913.” PD-US.

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