TDISH: A Toast to Sliced Bread

Whenever you say, “that’s the best thing since sliced bread!” how long do you actually mean?  Well, the answer is 88 years.  On July 7, 1928, in the small town of Chillicothe, Missouri, Otto_Frederick_Rohwedder.jpginventor Otto Frederick Rohwedder convinced bakery owner Frank Bench to try out his newfangled machine that sliced bread into even pieces and even bagged it.  Might not seem like much – I mean, anyone can slice a loaf of bread.  But how often is your knife not sharp enough and you end up with a piece that looks so sad and droopy that you don’t really want it.  Try to make a sandwich out of that? No, thank you!

Well, the residents of Chillicothe recognized the amazingness of this new invention right away.  Frank Bench saw sales jump 2,000% in just two weeks!  Rohwedder’s invention was soon flying off the shelf.  One of his first big clients was the Continental Baking Company maker of that now quintessential American product – Wonder Bread.  Let’s all raise an unmangled sandwich to Otto Frederick Rohwedder on this anniversary of his simple, but world-changing invention.

Harris, Scott Duke. “The best thing since sliced bread?Mercury Business News. 2 July 2007.
Featured Image. “Wonder Bread.” Public Domain.
Image 1. “Otto Frederick Rohwedder.” By Source, Fair use.

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