TDISH: Lady Liberty Blows Out Her Shoulder

On Black Tom Island attached by an artificial causeway off Jersey City, New Jersey, rows and rows of warehouses stored arms and munitions intended to be shipped off to Europe to help the Allied powers engaged in World War I despite official American neutrality.  One hundred years ago today, on July 30, 2016, a team of German saboteurs started a fire near the warehouses which eventually made its way to the weapons cache causing a massive explosion, killing causing the deaths of seven people in the area – including a police officer and a railroad employee.  The explosion showered the nearby Statue of Liberty with shrapnel and blew windows out in Manhattan.  The raised torch arm of the Statue of Liberty had several rivets blown out as a result, which led to the immediate closing of the arm to tourists – as it remains to this day.

Source: Warner, Frank. “When Liberty Trembled.” The Morning Call. 4 July 2009.
Featured Image. “Black Tom Pier.” By US government – this CIA page, Public Domain.



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