TDISH: More Weird New York City Stuff

Yesterday’s post dealt with a colonial New York City legal case.  Today’s will deal with a 1930s judge in the City.  Apparently there is something about the first week of August and the Big Apple that makes for strange occurrences!

On August 6, 1930 New York State Supreme Court Justice Joseph Force Carter took a taxi from a restaurant after eating dinner and was never seen again.  Carter was a political ally to the powerful Tammany Hall political machine that largely controlled New York City and State politics from the 1850s through the 1930s.  Carter’s disappearance turned into one of the most beguiling unsolved cases in New York history.  No trace was found of the judge despite numerous tips called into police.  All of these leads turned out to be dead ends.  Carter was declared legally dead in 1939.

In 2005, a 91-year old Queens woman died and among the notes read to her family at her will-reading was a note about Judge Carter.  The woman claimed that her husband and one of his brothers had killed Carter in 1930, burying the body under the Coney Island Boardwalk.  This tip has not been fully investigated since the site where she claimed the body was buried is now the home to the New York Aquarium building.  We may never know what became of this wayward judge.

Source: Rashbaum, William K. “Judge Crater Abruptly Appears, at Least in Public Consciousness.” New York Times. 20 August 2005.
Featured Image: “Jude Joseph Force Carter.” By, Fair use.

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