TDISH: Not So Quiet on the Southwestern Front

On August 7, 1999, approximately 2,000 Chechan fighters belonging to the Islamic International Brigade invaded neighboring Dagestan with the hopes of establishing an independent state governed under Islamic law.  What makes this such an interesting event is that both Chechnya and Dagestan are majority Muslim federal subjects of larger Russia – that is, they are part of the modern Russian state.  So, we have one region of the Russian state invading another.  In response to this invasion by the Chechan rebels, Russian President Boris Yeltsin and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin sent in Russian troops and over the next month pushed the rebels back into Chechnya.  The result of this invasion was the declaration of a short-lived, unrecognized Islamic state and eventually a conflict between Russia and Chechnya known as the Second Chechan War.

Featured Image: “Flag of Islamic International Brigade.” Public Domain.
Sources: “Russians, rebels beef up forces in Dagestan.” CNN. 9 August 1999.
Rebels say they’re out of Dagestan; Russia says war continues.” CNN. 23 August 1999.

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