TDISH: A Failed Assassination Attempt?

On August 8, 1973, Kim Dae-jung, a notable South Korean opposition politician, was snatched from a hotel room in Tokyo.  He was then taken to a small boat that put out to sea in what later came to be seen as an attempt of Kim’s life.  His captors apparently had planned to throw the politician overboard, but their boat was overflown by an American plane which spooked the kidnappers.  Instead of carrying out the murder, they brought Kim back to South Korea where he was put under house arrest in Seoul.

Kim was widely known throughout 1970s South Korea as a key opponent to the military coup and dictatorship established by Park Chung-hee.  In 1998, Kim made the ultimate comeback from this kidnapping – he was elected president of his country.  In 2007, the National Intelligence Service (NIS) of South Korea admitted that their predecessor, the Korean Central Intelligence Agency, had been behind the kidnapping under direct orders from Park in the hopes of eliminating such a troublesome adversary.

Featured Image: “Kim Dae-jung.” By, CC BY 4.0.
Source: “South Korean Spies Admit 1973 Snatch.” BBC News. 24 October 2007.

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