TDISH: King of the Car Park

On August 22, 1485, the infamous Battle of Bosworth Field took place in Leicestershire, England.  In this battle, the sickly Yorkist king, Richard III faced off against his Lancastrian Tudor enemy, Henry Tudor, Earl of Richmond.  On this fateful day, Richard III was killed on the field, marking the end of the Wars of the Roses that had ravaged England for some three decades.  Richard’s body was quickly buried at the Church of Greyfriars in the city of Leicester, as Henry Tudor was in a hurry to return to London to be crowned as King Henry VII.  From then, Richard’s grave was lost to the mists of history until 2012 when an archaeological dig funded by the University of Leicester found a skeleton on the former site of the Church in what was now a car park.  DNA tests and carbon dating have led the archaeologists to conclude beyond reasonable doubt that they had found Richard III – the last English monarch to die in battle.

Featured Image: “Ricahrd III.” By Unknown artist; uploaded to wikipedia by Silverwhistle – Richard III Society website via English Wikipedia, Public Domain.
Sources: “Richard III dig: DNA confirms bones are king’s.” BBC News. 4 February 2013.

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