TDISH: Chaos at the NYSE

On August 24, 1967 a group of young political activists led by Abbie Hoffman of the Youth International Party (Yippies) entered the New York Stock Exchange building on Wall Street in Manhattan.  The group had arranged for a tour of the NYSE which brought them to the gallery overlooking the trading floor.  In the days prior to computerized trading, stock deals were solely done on paper on the trading floor.  The Yippies were a theatrical protest group with anarchist leanings were there to disrupt that ultimate symbol of American capitalism – the stock market. The Yippies threw fistfuls of dollar bills over the gallery railing to the floor below.  They were quickly detained by NYSE security while some traders on the floor below shouted at the demonstrators angrily.  Others, however, rushed about to pick up the thrown money.  The disruption led to very modest dip in the Dow Jones industrial average – but it did not have any real impact on trading activity.  Rather the event solidified the Yippies and Hoffman, in particular, as among the most outlandish protest groups in the the late 60s United States.

Featured Image: “Abbie Hoffman.” By Richard O. Barry from San Diego, California, United States – Abbie Hoffman, CC BY 2.0.
Source: Ledbetter, James. “The Day the NYSE Went Yippie.” CNNMoney. 23 August 2007.

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