TDISH: The Red Terror Begins

On August 30, 1918, a young Jewish Ukrainian revolutionary walked up to Bolshevik leader Vladimir Lenin as he completed a speech at the Hammer and Sickle Factory in Moscow.  With her, the would-be assassin carried a gun.  Her name was Fanny Kaplan.  She was member of the Socialist Revolutionary Party, a former ally of the Bolsheviks.  However, when Lenin came to power the SRs were soon abandoned and viewed their erstwhile friend with ever increasing hostility.  As she approached Lenin, Kaplan raised her piston and fired twice – severely wounding the Bolshevik leader.  Lenin, however, was not killed by the attack and Kaplan was quickly subdued by his bodyguards.  Her actions led to her quick execution, a mere four days later on September 3.  Upon recovering from injuries, Lenin used the attack as an excuse to eliminate his many political enemies.  The horrific Red Terror had begun.

Featured Image: “Fanny Kaplan.” By The original uploader was Boreali at German Wikipedia – Transferred from de.wikipedia to Commons by Ireas using CommonsHelper., Public Domain.
Source: “1918: Fanya Kaplan, Lenin’s would-be assassin.”



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