TDISH: Oh, the Humanity!

On September 2, 1925, the first American-built rigid airship, the USS Shenandoah, took off from its home port of Lakehurst, New Jersey on its 57th flight over the past two years since its maiden journey on September 4, 1923.  The Shenandoah‘s home would become one of the most infamous locations in the United States when it was the location of the tragic crash of the LZ Hindenburg airship as it arrived in Lakehurst after a trans-Atlantic flight from Frankfurt.  However, this was some 12 years in the future.  The Shenandoah left Lakehurst on a routine journey that would take it across the Allegheny mountains and into southeastern Ohio.  As it crossed the rugged mountains, the ships ran into a storm squall of thunderstorms that forced it to veer a bit off course.  The captain of the crew was concerned about losing time and made a fateful decision to continue into the storm instead of seeking clearer skies.  As the airship went into the storm it experienced some heavy turbulence that led to the crew losing control of the ship.  The Shenandoah clipped the tree line in Nobel County, Ohio and crash-landed in a farmer’s field near the town of Caldwell.  The crash killed 14 of the 41 crew members aboard.

Featured Image: “Wreck of the Shenandoah.” Public Domain.
Source: “Shenandoah Crash Site.” National Park Service.

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