TDISH: Firework and the Golden Dragon

During the summer of 1977, the Joe Boys gang on Chinatown, San Francisco had a rough time of it.  One their biggest annual money-makers, the sale of illegal fireworks before the Independence Day July 4th holiday, had been stymied by a rival – the Wah Ching gang.  In fact, during the disputes that had happened that summer, one member of the Joe Boys had been killed in a shootout with the Wah Ching.

In revenge for this rough summer, the Joe Boys arrived at the Golden Dragon restaurant in Chinatown on a tip that Michael Louie, head of Wah Ching was eating there.  Three members of the Joe Boys barged into the eatery and sprayed the place with shotgun and semi-automatic fire.  Louie and the few Wah Ching members at the Golden Dragon escaped out the back door, while five innocent bystanders were killed and 11 were injured.  The shooters were eventually apprehended and served long prison sentences for murder.

Featured Image: “The Golden Dragon Restaurant (1993).” By Morn the Gorn – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0.
Source: Mullen, Kevin J. “The Golden Dragon Restaurant Massacre.” FoundSF.

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