TDISH: The Electric Car

On September 13, 1899, a 69 year old New Yorker Henry H. Bliss stepped off a trolley and was struck by a motorized taxi along the edge of Central Park.  Bliss, thus, became the first automobile related death in the Americas when he was “fatally hurt” with injuries including a crushed skull and abdomen.  The accident caused great scandal around the United States and resulted in the taxi driver being charged with manslaughter.  He was acquitted, however, since it was found that no negligence occurred.  One interesting aspect of this case was that the taxi involved was electric!  Living today, where efficient electric cars are the cutting edge of automobile technology this seems quite unbelievable that they had electric cars way back in 1899.

Featured Image: “Henry H Bliss.” Public Domain.
Source: Allan, David G. “Surprising Details About First American Killed by a Car.” BBC Autos. 13 September 2013.

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