TDISH: Problems in the French Navy

On September 25, 1911, the French battleship Liberte was sitting in harbor in Toulon.  Seemingly out of nowhere, a massive explosion rocked the ship, killing some 250 sailors and officers and sending the massive ship to the bottom of the harbor.  In the previous five years, the French navy had suffered a series of major naval disasters – ending in the deaths of over 400 French sailors.  These explosions eventually tied to a degraded gunpowder known as Poudre B which was prone to blowing up accidentally when improperly stored.  During this stretch, the biggest adversary of the French navy was, far and away, the French navy.  More men were lost in in-harbor accidents than in any other way.

Featured Image: “French Battleship Liberte.” Public Domain.
Source: “French Battleship Blown Up in Toulon Harbor.” Popular Mechanics. November 1911.

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