TDISH: Spaghetti Syndrome?

On September 28, 1975, three armed men burst into the Spaghetti House Restaurant in Knightsbridge, London.  The staff had come in prior to opening to count the previous week’s take and to balance the books.  The three assailants were looking to rob the store and had not expected the nine employees to be there.  In response, they hustled the employees into the storage room, but one of the workers was able to sneak out a back door and went to alert police.  Shortly thereafter, the Spaghetti House was surrounded by law enforcement and the criminals had an unexpected hostage situation on their hands.  Over the next five days, a tense standoff ensued.  The would-be robbers claimed to be members of the Black Liberation Army, a Black Panther splinter group.  Authorities, however, dismissed these claims, but still approached the situation cautiously.  The thieves’ demand for an airplane to Jamaica was denied and on the fifth day, they were finally talked down.  All three armed men were immediately arrested.  Several of the hostages, however, had taken a liking to the captors and refused to testify against them.  Despite this, all three criminals were found guilty and faced long prison terms.

Source: “1975: London’s Spaghetti House siege ends.” BBC News.

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