Welcome to the History Is Stranger Than Fiction Podcast website.  I am Andy Smyser and will be your host as we tell the stories of some of the craziest, weirdest and most bizarre events, ideas, and people from World History.  We will look at lesser known aspects of the lives of some of history’s most well-known figures – people like Julius Caesar and JFK.  We will also tell the stories of some lesser-known people and events, such as Mithridates of Pontus and the Defenestration of Prague.  However, all of our stories will have one common tread – an element of “you can’t make this up.”  In the project, I am out to show that it is true that History Is Stranger Than Fiction.

Who Is Andy?

I am a professional educator with a passion for sharing my love of history.  I have taught at both the university and high school level in Missouri, Ohio, and New York states.  I have been thinking about doing this podcast for over a year now as a way to share my passion for weird stories from history with a wider audience.  When I’m not teaching or researching stories for the podcast, I can usually be found with my family – my wife, Katie, and our two-year daughter – in lovely Buffalo, NY.